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Fresh bread ~ rosemary & sea salt focaccia

served with olive oil & balsamic.

V..$10   with olives....$13

Garlic bread ~ toasted rosemary & sea salt focaccia with garlic butter & parsley..V..$10

Cheesy garlic bread ~ rosemary & sea salt focaccia topped with garlic butter, parsley & bocconcini    V..$12

Anchovy bread ~ Focaccia topped with anchovies, oregano and chilli olive oil....$11

Bruschetta ~ toasted rosemary & sea salt focaccia topped with fresh diced roma tomatoes, red onions basil with a balsamic glaze..V..$14



Caesar salad ~ cos, bacon, parmesan, crispy bread crumbs, poached egg, anchovie dressing..GF..$13

Caprese ~ roma tomatoes, bocconcini, roquette & basil oil..GF & V..$14
Garden salad ~ mixed leaf, tomato, cucumber, red onion, balsamic dressing..GF..$10
Roquette salad ~ roquette, parmesan,  pear, balsamic glaze..GF..$10



Veal scallopine mushroom ~ tender veal medallions lightly floured, mushrooms, white wine, demi glaze served with rosemary, paprika roast potatoes  ...$34

Veal saltimboca ~tender veal medallions lightly floured with prosciutto cooked with white wine, demi glaze & wilted spinach served with rosemary, paprika roast potatoes & pancetta wrapped green beans..$34


Chicken ~ prosciutto wrapped chicken breast, semi dried tomato, basil  & bocconcini filled, polenta chips withemar
salsa verde..GF..$29


Eggplant parmigiana ~ ricotta & pea filled napoli sauce, parmesan & mozzarella gratin, roquette & crisp pear salad..GF..V..$24




Rosemary, paprika roast potatoes GF $8 Pancetta wrapped green beans GF $8

Polenta chips with Salsa Verde GF $8

Shoe strings fries with garlic aioli GF $8



Arancini ~ saffron & pea risotto balls, roquette  & garlic aioli (3 pieces)..V..$16

Chicken wings ~ balsamic BBQ braised; roasted garlic aioli..GF..$16

Calamari ~ deep fried squid rings, roquette, lemon, house tartare....$20

Mussels ~ black mussels cooked in white wine, cherry tomatoes, parsley, napoli served with grilled foccacia..GF..$20

Prawns ~ chilli & garlic prawns, olive oil, white wine

finished with parsley..GF..$20

Beef Carpaccio ~ thinly sliced raw beef fillet with capers,lemon, roquette, parmesan & truffle oil







                     Spaghetti        Fettucine
                    Rigatoni          Gnocchi
                    Gluten free Penne +$4



Napolitana ~ slow cooked tomato & basil sauce.... M $21..V


Bolognaise ~ veal, pork & beef ragu, napoli....M $26


Carbonara ~ bacon, black pepper, egg, creamy parmesan sauce....M $26


Marinara ~ prawns, calamari, mussels, fish pieces, cherry
tomatoes with garlic,

white wine, napoli & hint of chilli....M $30


Mushroom ~ chicken breast, mushrooms, shallots,
creamy parmesan sauce....M $27


Prawns ~ prawns, chilli, garlic, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach in a napolitana sauce.... M $30


Precinct ~ chicken breast, bacon, semi dried tomatoes, creamy pesto parmesan sauce....M $27


Calabrese ~ salami, pancetta, onions, olives, white wine, oregano in a napoli sauce, touch of chilli....M $27

Rose ~ bacon, mushroom, roast capsicum, spinach, in a napoli &cream sauce with parmesan & shallots....M $27


Home Baked Pastas


Lasagna ~ rich meat & tomato ragu, layered between pasta sheets with peas, béchamel, mozzarella & parmesan....$27


Cannelloni ~ roast pumpkin, cashew, egg, ricotta topped with napoli & parmesan..V..$25




Rigatoni Napolitano ~ slow cooked tomato & basil sauce..V..$13

Spaghetti Bolognaise ~ meat ragu cooked in napoli....$13

Fettuccine Alfredo ~ creamy chicken & parmesan sauce....$13

Chicken Schnitzel ~ served with chips, salad & lemon....$16


Fish Fillet ~ crumbed & served with chips, salad, tartare sauce & lemon....$16


Ice Cream ~ served with chocolate, caramel or strawberry topping…$5



Risotto ~ cooked with Arborio rice...GF


Chicken ~ roast chicken, thyme, semi dried tomatoes, baby spinach & parmesan....$25

Mushroom ~ Portobello & field mushrooms, shallots, parmesan & truffle oil..V..$26


Seafood ~ prawns, calamari, mussels, fish pieces, tomato, chilli & parsley....$30


Tiramisu ~ Marsala & tia maria marscapone, saviardi biscuits

& chocolate shards....$15

Pannacotta ~ orange & passionfruit, praline & passionfruit coulis..GF..$15

Cheesecake ~ individual blueberry cheesecake, praline & berry compote....$15




Juices ~ Orange  or Apple..... $4.5                        Beers                  

Bottled Water ~ Natural Spring water ....$3       Carlton Draught, Pure Blonde $7

Iced Tea ~ Liptons Peach or Lemon ....$4.50         Corona, Peroni, Stella Artois $8
Coffees ~ Small ..$4 Large ..$5                                 Ciders  $6.50

Flat white, Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte                       Somersby~ Apple or Pear

or Chai Latte                                                                    Spirits $7

Teas ~ Small ..$4 Large ..5$                                         Bourbon~Maker' s Mark (USA)

English Breakfast, Earl Grey                                       Scoth~ Johnny Walker Red(UK)

or Peppermint                                                                  Vodka~ Absolut (SWD)
Soft Drinks~ $4                                                           Rum~ Bundaberg U.P(AU)

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta or Lift                        Ging ~ Gordon' s (UK)
                                                                                            Liquers 7$

                                                                                           Kahlua(MEX) Baileys (IRE) Midori(JAP)    

  WINES      Please refer to our blackboard for Specials                                                                               


$7 per bottle



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