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Dine  in Banquet $49pp min 4ppl

To share         

Garlic Bread-Toasted  rosemary and sea salt focaccia with garlic butter and parsley.


Fresh Bread-Toasted  rosemary and sea salt focaccia with olive oil and balsamic.


Arancini-Saffron and pea risotto balls, roquette and garlic aioli.


Chicken wings- Balsamic BBQ braised,roasted garlic aioli.


Alternative service


Chicken-Prosciutto wrapped chicken breast,semi dried tomato,basil and boccocini filled,polenta chips with salsa verde.


Veal Scallopine mushroom-Tender veal medaillons lightly floured,mushrooms,white wine,demi glaze served with roasted prapika,rosemary potatoes and grilled asparagus.

To Share


Garden salad-Mixed leaf, tomato, cucumber, red onion ,balsamic dressing


Roquette salad- Roquette,parmesan, pear, balsamic glaze.


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